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September 08, 2006



I remember the wampus. During the scare, nobody in my 3rd grade class at Rosewood School would go out onto the playground. We just clustered around the back steps of the school, watching for the wampus!


I, too, remember the terrifying days of the Wampus Cat.

There were sightings and rumors of sightings. I remember that Bonnie and I shared the "attic" room on the second floor of our Rosewood home then. I wondered if the Wampus Cat could climb up there. We'd watch by the window for the Wampus, unable to sleep for fear.

Sandy Marley

Dear Mr. Price,

I will certainly miss your Sunday wildlife columns and your page one “words of wisdom”. I am looking forward to getting to know a “new friend” in the Wampus Cat blog! I do hope that you will compile some of your historical columns and photographs into a manuscript. I am currently in need of a new coffee table book as well as future Christmas presents. You can’t possibly spend all your time fishing the inlet!

I can’t pass up this opportunity to register my vote on the Wampus Cat. Having grown up in the 60’s and 70’s in Wayne County I have no idea how many Wampus Cat stories we shared with new Scouts of Troop 11 around the campfire or the many sleepless nights they caused. I do remember the tales became more embellished with each recitation. Long live the Wampus Cat.

Your September 8th article on School Bonds, by the way struck the heart of the problem.

Dr. Robert Schuller says “Success is a journey, not a destination.” I hope you will continue to enjoy your success as you round the next bend in the road of your journey. God bless you, your family and your shining future!

Pattie O'Donoghue

Wampus Cat! Only you could come up with such a unique idea. Between the reports by you and William H, I believe! ‘Course, I believe in Santa as well. This is a great site and very newsy. It gives you a chance to expand on items of interest without limiting you to a certain number of column inches. Keep up the good work. This website certainly proves that you CAN teach an old dog new tricks! I’m proud of you. Patti O

William Holloman


I knew it! I knew it! I kneeeeeeeeeew it!

I knew if I waited long enough, or was lucky enough to keep breathing, a real, live wampus cat would come out of the woods.

We now have one- an admitted one and actually have a pix to go along for substantiation.

Wampus, it was a lot of years ago that I saw the pix on the front page of a newspaper that declaratively stated, "A Wampus Cat."

Recalling that scary moment, I am obligated to compare a photo of that thing with what I see now.... Damned if I don't believe the initial entry was best.

In any case, great blog. Keep up the good work. It is public service in its finest effort.

And, on a personal note, thing long, think wrong.

Before ending this response, I think it appropriate that we contact out delegation of legislators with an inquiry concerning making the wampus the state's official critter (?).

Timing, sometimes, is critical.

Don't slow down, because you're getting good mileage.


William Holloman

Mrs. Thomas

I have stumbled onto this comment section by accident, while looking for a simple clip-art image of a Wampus Cat. Actually, I've been on the prowl (no pun intended)for an image of a Wampus Cub to place on my classroom webpage. You can't imagine how odd it was to read such a casual article about the same animal that represents a huge part of my past. Aaaaah, what a fabulous way to start, enter, or close a conversation..."What's a Wampus Cat?...Oh yes, it is real...You mean you've never???" To many, this mythical mascot might have been an embarrassment; to me,however, it has always represented a certain uniqueness. To laugh or not to laugh...I don't care; I am proud either way!


oh my gosh just the other night i saw a wampus cat i was so scared i am lucky to even be alive if i didnt run i would be dead right now i have scars and everything where i fell from running from it i was so scared the thing almost killed me i will never go into the woods ever again by my self and i was on a hay right yesterday and we were telling scary stories and i was scared to death they were telling scary stories about the wampus cat and other stuff and we road out into the country and i live in the country and there were really bad scary stories you would be scared too if you were me


I was having dinner w/a few schoolmates over the week-end, we were talking about growing up in Goldsboro during the early 60's. All the good times we shared. Then the subject came up about the Wampus Cat. A few years ago I did a research just to see what would come up. I learned it was just an old folklore passed down through the years.

However, I googled in Wampus Cat sighted in Goldsboro and came up w/ this bit of information. I can relate to it because we were, yes we were scared to death!

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